Advertising formats

Display banners

Traditional display banners in various sizes: 300x250, 320x100, 300x100, 300x50, 468x60, 728x90, etc.

Sticky banners

Banner ad unit that floats, allowing the user to continue to interact with the screen. It can be placed at the top, footer or center of the screen.

Mobile pop-under

A full page ad opens in a new browser tab, hidden under the active content tab. This ad format does not interrupt the user experience yet yields higher eCPM revenues than traditional display banner formats.

Mobile pop-up

A full page ad opens in a new browser page on top of the content tab. This ad format covers the site content, and as a result eCPMs on average are higher.


Dynamic ad unit that slides from one side of the page and stays floating until the user decides to close it. The default size is 250x250. You can always change the specification of timeframe, behavior and size by contacting us.

Notification bar

Dynamic ad unit that appears as a notification to the user from the top of the screen.


An ad is displayed on top of the active web page. This ad format achieves better engagement and yields the highest eCPM revenues. As it is overlaid on top of content it may be considered more aggressive.

Redirect / Direct link

A simple URL to link from your own banners, buttons or text links. Direct links can also be used to redirect all or part of your incoming mobile traffic.


Ad unit that appears within the video container /screen. It needs to be closed in order to proceed to the video player and view the content. The need to interact with the ad yields a high eCPM.

Notification push-up

Interactive text ad unit that simulates a notification. It is interactive, the user must choose between the “ok” or “cancel” buttons.

Leading app

Dynamic ad unit that appears as a notification of a renewed app from the top of the screen.
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